Vein Treatment Services

Vein Treatment Services

Global Vein Specialists is leading the way in transforming the treatment of Peripheral Arterial Disease through the introduction of Office-Based Labs (OBL). Our dedicated OBL facilities enable our vascular specialists to conduct minimally invasive arterial treatments in an outpatient setting, revolutionizing patient care.

As image-guided procedural innovation continues to advance in vascular care, Global Vein Specialists can now perform procedures in our OBL that previously necessitated major surgery. With small incisions and precise techniques, our procedures offer quicker recovery times and more effective care, ensuring our patients receive the best possible outcomes with minimal disruption to their lives.


  • Genetics- passed down from parents and grandparents
  • Being overweight
  • Pregnancy, especially multiple pregnancies
  • Increased age
  • Hormones
  • Lifestyle or work-related; sitting or standing for long periods of time on a regular basis
  • Smoking
  • History of blood clots
  • Past surgery
  • Leg or vein trauma


  • Pain
  • Aching of the legs
  • Throbbing of the leg or muscles
  • Leg or ankle swelling
  • Leg fatigue or tiredness
  • Itching
  • Tightness of the legs
  • Heaviness of the legs
  • Spider Veins
  • Varicose Veins
  • Skin ulcers (open sores)
  • Leg, foot or muscle cramps at night (charley horse)
  • Restless legs (uncomfortable feeling in your legs or urge to move your legs)
  • Brown colored skin, often near the ankles or lower part of the legs
  • Leg ulcer (open sores or poorly healing wound)
  • Pain with waking that stops when you rest

Vein Treatment Services

We offer TheVeinGogh Ohmic Thermolysis System TM, endogenous laser treatment and sclerotherapy to treat common vein diseases, such as varicose and spyder veins.